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Are you trying to lose but couldn’t resist to munch some snacks from time to time? Worry no more as you can indulge in these 8 healthy snacks without worrying about gaining an extra pound.
It’s hard to resist waking up to the smell of brewing coffee in the morning. And as if one morning coffee is not enough, many people also take their second or third cup of coffee just to boost their energy for work. But do you know that the recommended daily maximum consumption for coffee is just 3 to 4 cups? That is about 400 mg of caffeine for the average person.
They say that health is wealth. And this is true because staying healthy could save you a lot of money on medication and hospital bills. One easy way to achieve optimum health is to boost your immune system. This system does a remarkable job of protecting or defending the body against diseases caused by microorganisms. Fortunately, there are power foods that can help boost your immune system...
Silica nourishes the skin by helping the body build collagen.  It is involved in the rebuilding and regeneration of all connective tissue (including collagen) and ensures healthy  cell layers of the skin. Silica has the ability to transport nutrients around the body including the hair, skin and nails. Silica ensures that the hair follicles and nail cuticles are supplied with all the vital minerals necessary for healthy hair and nail growth.

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