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3 vitamins that will help keep your skin looking younger

Wrinkles, age spots, dry skin, these are just some of the common signs of ageing that we want to avoid. But with stress, pollution and unhealthy lifestyle, some people see these signs even at a young age. To revitalize your skin and keep it healthy and glowing, you’ll need to boost your diet with these 3 vitamins:

  1. Vitamin A

Studies have shown that vitamin A helps prevent premature skin ageing. It also has antioxidants that neutralize skin damage due to oxidation and free radicals. Foods that are rich in vitamin A include fish, green leafy vegetables, apples, mangoes, egg yolks and pumpkins, among others.

  1. Vitamin C

Vitamin C works as an antioxidant that speeds up healing and reduces wrinkles and age spots. Not only that, it also promotes smooth complexion. As you take more vitamin C, it will stimulate the adrenal glands that are necessary for rejuvenation as well as aid in collagen formation. In a book Reversing Ageing by Dr. Pail Galbraith, the author pointed out that the lack of vitamin C and sun’s radiation could lead to the development of signs of ageing. Natural sources of vitamin C include limes, guavas, oranges and papayas as well as red and orange fruits and vegetables.

  1. Vitamin E

Generally, around the age of 40, the skin cells start to experience hormonal changes as well as a reduced level of vitamin E. This could slow down the process of regeneration and healing in case of skin problems. Vitamin E can help you through this stage by protecting your skin against pollutants that can further contribute to the effects of hormonal changes. Additionally, this vitamin also provides extra healing properties for the skin.

Foods that are rich in vitamin E include nuts, legumes, seeds and vegetable oils. Getting enough vitamin E will moisturize your skin and help avoid dry skin.

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